Overseas Marketing
Sr.No. Title Download/Details
1 Approved Revised Guidelines for Champion Services Sector Scheme (CSSS Scheme) - Incentive to Tour Operators for Enhancing Tourist Arrivals to India. Download 196.75 KB
2 Guidelines for Brochure Support Download 96.03 KB
3 Approved Revised Guidelines for Marketing Development Assistance (MDA) effective from 01.01.2021. Download 643.74 KB
Travel Trade
Sr.No. Title Download/Details
4 Operational Recommendations for Tourism Service Provider. Download 983.11 KB
5 Revised Guidelines for Recognition of Tourism Service Providers by the Ministry of Tourism. Download 8.75 MB
6 Guidelines of Adopt A Heritage Project Download 2.01 MB
7 Revised Guidelines for the scheme of Market Development Assistance (MDA) for promotion of domestic Tourism. Download 3.59 MB
8 Guidelines of Incredible India Tourist Facilitator (IITF) Certification Programme Download 635.89 KB
9 Guidelines for SAFE and HONOURABLE TOURISM Download 636.25 KB
10 Guidelines for Assistance by the Ministry of Tourism to the Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Trade Associations for their various events in India and Abroad. Download 369.62 KB
Human Resource Development
Sr.No. Title Download/Details
11 Guidelines on Entrepreneurship Programme. Download 225.76 KB
12 Revised guidelines for Empanelment of Private Bodies, Institutions, Organaisations as training providers for hospitality trades under the Hunar Se Rozgar Tak programme of the Ministry of Tourism Download 283.76 KB
13 Guidelines on Entrepreneurship Programme Download 125.88 KB
Niche Tourism
Sr.No. Title Download/Details
14 Revised Guidelines For The Promotion Of Wellness And Medical As Niche Tourism Products Download 275.86 KB
15 Guidelines for the Ministry of Tourism's support to promote Polo as Niche Tourism Product Download 18.41 KB
16 Guidelines for Marketing Development Assistance (MDA) - Active members of India Convention Promotion Bureau (ICPB) Download 434.33 KB
17 Indian Adventure Tourism Guidelines, Version 2.0 - 2018 Download 5.1 MB
18 Guidelines for Promotion of Film Tourism Download 98.95 KB
19 Draft National Strategy and Roadmap for Sustainable Tourism. Download 1.03 MB
20 Revised Guidelines for permitting the use of Incredible India logo. Download 244.04 KB